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Single Life is Inefficient: The Story of Economies of Scale


The economies of scale… for two. Sharing is perhaps the best concept invented (when the pie is sufficient for two or more). It gives you leverage. For example, you want to buy a house. By banding with X, you can consider the price of the house halved, because you are sharing 50-50 with X!

The same goes to a car, a rice cooker, a sofa, etc.

X can be your best friend, your family, or your partner. No man is an island. By living and sharing your life with someone, you achieve economies of scale.

I had this epiphany one day when I asked Ju about cooking appliances.

C: “Hey, Have you used an instant pot before?” (Substitute instant pot with air fryer, pressure cooker, cast iron pan)

J: “Yeah.” (He basically has ALL of them)

C: “…if only we are living together now, then I wouldn’t have to buy these items.”

Some additional examples:

  • Trying out food items at a restaurant
  • Sharing your parents’ or your friends’ presents
  • Sharing a car - saves the environment too!
  • Cooking for 2 or more requires almost the same effort as cooking for 1
  • Double the wisdom - they say two is better than one!
  • Halve the rent by sharing a room or a unit
  • Sharing the responsibility of raising a kid
  • Hopefully, halve the effort of cleaning too
  • Having a listening ear and someone to spill your heart out with
  • Reading more books! (Sharing books with the public, aka library)

There are, of course, some downsides:

  • You might now have 2 sets of parents, or maybe even grandparents, and they might not like you very much
  • If you can’t bear to live with your housemate anymore, you can’t divide a house easily
  • If you have kids, it is even more impossible to divide the kid
  • You might trust the wrong person, and you get hurt
  • Instead of doubling the income and halving the expense, you get half the income and double the expense

Be wary of who you let into your life, but don’t shut the door completely.

Single life is inefficient. You get economies of scale by sharing it with someone.

If you have any thoughts on this piece, leave me a comment below. What are some of the upsides and downsides of sharing your life with people?