Bean Musing

Down The Rabbit Hole


I recently got the reminder that the domain name for bean musing is near expiry. I went ahead to renew it, and noted that the last time I posted anything was in August 2020. Between then and now, I have lost interest in blogging about personal finance, and hence I faded out of the scene. I have decided personal finance is not a topic for me.

Why, you may ask. Well, it is something I try to automate as much as possible. Once I have got a process running, it is out of my mind. How can someone like me keep a personal finance blog going?!

Between then and now, I have been working on finding something that could be my ‘rabbit hole’. For those who might be unfamiliar with the idiom, it has become ‘a thing’ when Alice, from Alice in Wonderland fell into a rabbit hole and discovered a bizarre world. These days, it means for someone to get sucked into something, of which they spend an unexpectedly long time doing. It is almost like an adventure.

My approach to this ‘rabbit hole’ problem was to look at ‘stuff that could potentially be profitable’. No doubt, I think I’ve come across a few, but considering I’ve done nothing since discovering them — you know what that implied. I guess I took the wrong approach. Money is not a strong motivator to me, at least not at this stage.

I somehow managed to stumble into something, and it indeed jerked my memory a little.

Do you remember what you like as a teenager, or as a kid?

For me, a few things stuck. I brought some along, and gave up the others.

Reading is a habit I keep, even as I enter my almost third decade on earth.

The ones I’ve given up incompletely are writing and making art.

I love the creation process, but as a kid that had a decent aptitude in school, when presented with a multitude of options, I chose the safe route. I did okay in it, and a subsequent career change afforded me a comfortable enough life.

Stumbling upon a discord server with other artists kind of reignited my passion about making art, and these days I spend quite a lot of time practicing and learning. I have recently picked up writing stories again as well. Life has been a little more fun since then.

I will update this space more about my learning progress.

I guess I will also redesign the site logo, heh.